Introduction: How to Make a Lamp Spending No Money!


Today you will learn how to make a lamp without spending any money.

To start off, the materials necessary for this specific lamp include:

Plastic bags

Wire *(rusty or from a coil, whatever is handy)

Hot glue gun

Strips of paper of any kind



Lightbulb socket


With these materials, you can start building your lamp!

* Beware of rusty wire, wear gloves when handling it, especially if you are due for a tetanus shot.

Step 1: Make the Triangle Facets

1. Take the found wire, bend it to create a triangle shape of your choice.

2. Cut out a section of a plastic bag, lay out on the table.

3. Use the hot glue to adhere the plastic bag to the wire triangle frame, pull the plastic when dry to strengthen the plastic so it looks as straight as possible.

4. Glue down all sides of the triangle until the edges are barely visible.

5. Make many triangle planes!! Plan out the way the triangles fit into each other in order to create the desired outcome.

Step 2: Glue the Facets Together

Once you have the triangle facets ready, start gluing them together in the shape of a box.

1. Using hot glue, adhere the facets to one another. I advise working on one plane at a time, then gluing the larger faces of the box together once the sides are complete.

2. Make sure the corners line up! (this part can be tricky, but the wire is malleable so it should be relatively easy to tweak.)

3. Make sure when gluing the faces of the box together, you only make three sides and the bottom is open (meaning the box is not closed off), and that they are at 90 degree angles.

4. Feel free to use wire reinforcements if needed! I did not need them, but using them is fine as well.

Step 3: Lining the Lamp Shade

In this step, the box should be constructed, and may not look very refined, mainly since the plastic doesn't react well to the hot glue. Because of this, I added a lining around all the seam to clean up the look of the box.

1. Make strips of paper, or cloth, or whatever you can scrounge up, and glue them around the edges and seams of the box, using hot glue.

Step 4: Paint Touch Ups

Using paint, if you didn't find the right colors you wanted, feel free to paint the seams whatever color you desire.

Step 5: Wiring the Lamp

In this step, the lamp shade is already complete.

Using your found socket, wiring, and bulb, you must wire together all the components, intertwining a slightly exposed wire with that of the plug. TAKE PRECAUTION IN THIS STEP, IT MAY REQUIRE SOLDERING.


1. Create an elevated wire frame on the bottom for the socket to rest upon, and so the lightbulb sits comfortably inside the lamp shade.

2. Bend the wire and have them intersect in the middle, to create stable legs.

3. Twist another wire around the socket to secure its place.

Step 6: Lamp Is Done!

You have successfully created a lamp, spending no money!!

The finished product should look somewhat like this, or a variation of the sort, and the bulb should work fine with the wiring.

It creates a beautiful ambient, subtle light for a calming effect.