Introduction: How to Make a Laser Cutted Campfire.

In this instructable you will learn how to make a Mini campfire. This can be used to roast marshmallows!

Click here to se what it will look like!

Step 1: Materials:

1. Glowforge


3. Laser cutter

4. Marshmallows

5. Tooth picks(optional)

6. Rocks(optional)

7. Tea candle

8. Matches

9. Draftbord

10. Cardboard(optional)

Step 2: Make a Box


This will help you reach your first step in completing.

Size doesn't matter but be carful when making your box.

The picture above is what we used.

Step 3: Glowforge Program

Use the glowforge program to download your box.

Step 4: Test Tryout (suggested But Not Required)

This step is used to make a test box made out of cardboard (Material 10).

Once done put the cardboard pieces together.

We did this to test our box out and we messed up so this step is highly suggested

Step 5: Draftboard Box & Rocks

Using make-a-box, make a box out of draft board. Then take the top piece of the box and put it back into the laser cutter and cut a circle in the piece of draft-board. Once done find small rocks (don't have to use small ones).

Then roast the Marsh mellows!