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Introduction: How to Make a Leather Belt

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In this instructable I'll show you how to make a leather belt that will last you a lifetime.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

All the parts for this project I got from this DIY Leather Belt Kit

Although a hole punch is included in the kit you still need some basic tools to put this belt together.

Things are included in the kit:

* Full grain vegetable tanned leather belt blank, nice, heavy and thick.
* Leather buckle strap * Leather belt loop
* Leather dye and sealant
* 2 Sponge applicators
* Brass buckle
* Hole punch
* 4 chicago screws

Extra tools you will need:

* Hammer
* Flat screwdriver
* Utility knife or scissors


Start by pouring the leather dye into a small bowl or a glass and use the sponge applicator to apply it to your leather.

You’ll be applying the dye to all 3 pieces of leather: the belt strap, the belt loop and the buckle strap. Apply 2-4 coats of dye to the belt strap and 1-2 coats of dye to the belt loop and buckle strap. Wait 5-10 minutes between coats to allow the dye to fully absorb. The more coats you apply the more even the color will appear. Keep in mind that the color will lighten up a bit once dry. Once finished, wait an hour to allow the pieces to fully dry. If you want to speed up the process you can use a hair dryer.


Wrap the buckle strap around one end of the belt strap, with the metal buckle in place.

Using a pen or pencil, mark on the belt strap where the 4 holes will need to be located. To protect your table, place a scrap pice of wood or plastic underneath your leather strap.


To secure the metal buckle into the belt strap you’ll be using the Chicago screws included in the kit. There are 3 short ones and 1 long one. Keep in mind that when securing the screws, you’ll want the slotted side to face the inside part of the belt.

Put the metal buckle in the buckle strap and attach first two short screws in the positions that lay closest to the buckle. The long screw goes in the middle and connects the belt, the belt loop and the buckle strap together.

Follow the illustration on how to stack and secure your leather pieces in the long screw. Secure the last short screw in 4th hole.


You’ll want to customize the placement of the belt holes to your body. So, put the belt on, puling the strap through the buckle until it feels comfortable and make a mark with a pen or pencil where the buckle prong lies.

Punch your first hole in that spot, then use the template provided to mark and punch two more holes on the each side, equaling 5 holes total.

Once all your holes are punch, mark 4-5 inches past the hole closest to the end of the belt to indicate where you want your belt tip. Chose the tip template you like or freehand your own design to mark and cut your belt tip. You can cut it with a sharp knife of scissors.


With care, this belt will last you a lifetime. As time goes on, it will age beautiful and gain wear marks that will give it a personal feel.

So now go off and hold your pants up in satisfaction and pride, knowing that YOU made this belt with your own hands because making stuff yourself is awesome!

Step 7: Final Result

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