Introduction: How to Make a Lego Ball

Have a ball making a ball! Though this doesn't do it quite the same way as the Lego Circle, I'm going to again show you how to use rectangular bricks to make round shapes. This ball is pretty easy to make and the hardest part will probably just be getting all the pieces together. 

I'm hoping the pictures are clear enough that you can build the ball solely from them but I have included text on each step just incase you get stuck. If you can understand the step just by the picture then you're pretty awesome and should just ignore whatever I wrote. 

A short video showing the roundness of the ball. More exciting video coming soon. 

Step 1: Parts

To make a Lego ball you're going to need some Lego bricks (duh). You're actually going to need those flat bricks called plates that are about 1/3 the height of a normal Lego brick. You will also need what Lego calls a 1x4 brick with 4 knobs which is basically a standard 1x4 brick but with an extra set of studs perpendicular to the ones normally on top. 

I'm including a parts list of the parts I used in this Instructable so that it will be easier to understand. Of course you can always substitute for parts that you don't have with ones that you do (like using two 2x4s in place of the 4x4 or using two 2x4s in place of the 2x8) but just be cautious about maintaining structural integrity. I know rainbow warrior (using bricks in any and all colors) is sometimes the only option but the shape of the ball shows up better in solid color so if possible, try to stick to just one color.

-24 1x1s
-12 1x4s
-18 2x2s
-30 2x6s
-6 2x8s
-6 4x4s

-8 1x4 bricks with knobs

Step 2: The Steps

Stack five 2x6 plates to make a small set of steps, 3 going up and 3 going down. 

Step 3:

Stack the "steps" on top of a 2x8 so that it fills the gap. The 2x8 should have 1 row of studs sticking out of each end. 

Step 4:

Stack a 1x4 on both the left and right bottom "step" (they should be at an even level with the second "step"). 

Step 5:

Attach two 2x2s and four 1x1s. The 2x2 will attach to the 1x4 put in during the previous step as well as to what was the second "step" from Step 2. I promise that is not a riddle :)

Step 6: 4x4

Smack that 4x4 right down onto the middle of the heap.

Step 7:

Top it all off with a 2x2 that stacks on top of the 4x4.

Step 8: Now Do It 5 More Times!

Follow Steps 1-7 five more times and you will end up the 6 sides you need to make the Lego ball. I'll wait while you whip up those other sides and meet you over at Step 9. 

Step 9:

The next few steps are probably the most difficult in this Instructable but if you think of assembling the sides as you would a cube, you should do ok.

Flip over 4 side pieces. Attach the 1x4 bricks with knobs to the pieces. Make sure that the bricks with knobs are attached to the red pieces using their extra row of studs (not the ones that are on top of Lego bricks normally) so that the normal row of studs point outwards. Also make sure that two of red pieces have the bricks with knobs attached horizontally and that the other two are attached vertically. 

Step 10:

Attach a piece with horizontal 1x4 bricks with knobs to a piece without any. All sides have to be attached so that a smooth edge is touching a 2x8-sticking-out edge otherwise the pieces will not fit together. 

Attach the third and fourth sides and you'll have basically a round box without a base or lid. 

Step 11:

Add the last two pieces (the ones without the 1x4 bricks attached) to the top and bottom of the model and you've got yourself a pretty awesome Lego ball. 

I think this red one would make a great clown nose for a giant Lego sculpture. What kind of uses can you think of? If you make a Lego ball with the help of this Instructable, I would love to see it posted in the comments. 
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