Introduction: How to Make a Lego Crossbow That Shoots


Step 1: Get Two 1x16 Bricks With Holes in Them and Put Tiles Over 11 Studs on Each Brick.

Step 2: Attach Them.

Step 3: Get Two 1x6 Bricks With Holes in Them and Place 7 Technic Connectors in the Holes Shown.

Step 4: Connect the 1x1 Plate to the Underside of the First 1x6 Brick

Step 5: Bring the Pieces You Made Before and Connect Them As Shown in the Next Picture.

Step 6: Connect the Bricks.

Step 7: Get the Following Pieces: 2 1x4 Plates, 2 Technic Connectors, 2 1x2 Bricks With a Hole in Each, 2 1x2 Bricks With a Axle Passageway in It.

Step 8: Connect the 1x4 Plate Onto the 1x2 Bricks in the Order Shown.

Step 9: Connect the Technic Pieces.

Step 10: Bring Your First Piece Over.

Step 11: Connect the Pieces You Just Made Onto the End of the First Piece As Shown With the Axle Passageway on the End Hole of the First Piece.

Step 12: Get the Pieces Shown Below.

Step 13: Connect the Axle and the White Piece.

Step 14: Connect the Technic Connector to the Black Piece.

Step 15: Connect the Axle Into the Black Piece.

Step 16: Bring Your First Assembly Over.

Step 17: Connect It Exactly As Shown.

Step 18: Get the Following Pieces, the Axle Is 14 Studs Long But Can Be Replaced by 2, 7 Stud Long Axles.

Step 19: Connect the Axle (or One of the Axles) to the Black Piece and Put the Bushings On.

Step 20: Bring Your First Piece Over.

Step 21: Put the Axle All the Way Into the First Assembly. (If You Are Using Two Axles Then Just Put One in Halfway)

Step 22: Put the Same Pieces on the Other Side of the Axle.

Step 23: Get the Pieces Shown.

Step 24: Connect Them in the Order Shown.

Step 25: Get the Following Pieces and Connect the Technic Connectors EXACTLY AS SHOWN. (the Gray One Does Not Have to Be Gray)

Step 26: Connect the White and Gray Pieces.

Step 27: Connect the Red and White Pieces. This Is What You Should End Up With.

Step 28: Bring the First Assembly Over.

Step 29: Connect the Handle As Shown... Make Sure It Is on the Bottom Level.

Step 30: Collect One 1x6 Plate and Two 1x2 Plates With Only One Stud in the Middle.

Step 31: Connect Them As Shown So That Half a Stud Space Is Showing on the End.

Step 32: Put It in So That the Trigger Can Only Go to a 90 Degree Angle As Shown in Next Picture.

Step 33: Connect the Piece.

Step 34: Get a Thin Rubber Band.

Step 35: Connect It As Shown.

Step 36: Pull One of the Strips of Rubber Band Under the Front of the Gun As Shown.

Step 37: Get a Regular Rubber Band and Connect It As Shown in the Next Picture.

Step 38: Connect the Regular Rubber Band As Shown.

Step 39: Pull the Rubber Band Back Onto the Top of the Trigger and Use a 1x1 Brick As a Bullet. Pull the Trigger and It Will Shoot About 10 Feet. HAVE FUN!!!