Introduction: How to Make a Lego Game System Replica Look 3D!

Hello guys, today I want to show you how to make a Lego game system replica look like the screen is in a 3rd dimension, or 3D. The system you see above is my replica of a Game Boy Advance Micro. You can make different scenes or potentially make some cool stop motion videos with it. Let's see how to make one scene I made up.

Step 1: Making a Scene and Attaching

Required pieces for this scene:
One mini figure
One 2x2 stud brick, brown
One one stud 2x2 plate, green
One Leaf Plant (almost any works)
One 6x4 stud baseplate, green
And a game system replica (any should work as long as it has studs on the screen)

First, find a baseplate that is long enough for the screen, and as far forward as you need for your scene, at least four studs. Mine is 6 studs by 4 studs. To make it stay, press the longer side into the middle of the bottom two rows of studs and make sure it fits nicely. Follow the pics. You can make your own scenes, and show me one if you get the chance to do so. I would also like to see what game systems you guys can replicate! Cya