Introduction: How to Make a Lethal Mini Dart Gun

Welcome today i am going to show you how to make a lethal dart gun that is very powerfu and NOT a toy.l

Step 1: Things You Will Need

  1. Hot glue gun or very strong glue (Use hot glue if you want to use straight away)
  2. Drill or sharp pointed object
  3. small Tube with lid or very small bottle with lid
  4. Igniter from a click lighter (standard lighter)
  5. Pen shell
  6. lolly stick or cotton bud stick
  7. Small wall nail
  8. White spirit or hair spray

Step 2: Step 1: LID

Unscrew the lid from your bottle or tube. Then place on a flat hard surface. Then drill or poke a hole straight through the center of the lid i find a drill will work best but if you do not have one use something sharp and pointed.You need the hole to be as round as possible. Make sure it is a little bit smaller than the pen you will be using as the barrel as it needs to be a tight fit. Then to the right or left of the hole you just made make a even smaller hole about the size of the wire of your igniter. I find a mini screwdriver works best but you can use a drill if you have a end small enough. If you are not sure use the picture for illustration.

Once you have done that it is time to bond the lid to the igniter. use the bottom end to put in the big hole you have just made and then feed the wire on the igniter through the small hole as shown in the picture. Make sure the click end is facing up so you can press it. Then use your Hot glue or strong glue to fill in the gaps around the holes inside and out. Make sure there is no gaps or this will no work. Wait for the glue to dry.

Step 3: Step 2: Barrel

Start by taking your tube or bottle. Turn upside down so the bottom end is facing up and place on a hard surface. Once you have done this drill a hole the size of the pen you are using straight through the center as shown in the picture. Now dismantle the pen you are using so you are left with just the shell i find a normal clear pen works best as it is the easiest to take apart but any pen will work.

The next step is to push the shell of the pen through the hole you have just made until it is half way up the tube/bottle make sure it does not come out the other end as you still need to screw your lid on After you have done this seal the hole with hot glue/glue so there are no gaps as this will not work if there are any gaps. You are almost there now all you have to do is screw the lid on tight. Now just to make the dart and fuel to fire this beauty.

Step 4: Step 3: Dart and Fire

You are almost there. This is the easiest step. Take your lolly stick or cotton bud stick (Remove cotton of ends) I find lolly sticks work better as they are a little bit heavier but cotton buds will also work fine. And take your small wall nail and just hot glue it to one end of your stick and hey presto your dart is done. Now all that is left is to fire this thing. Put your dart inside the pen barrel make sure the dart is not sticking out and is firmly in the barrel. Nail facing in the direction you want to fire.


Unscrew the lid of your dart gun and put a titchy bit of white spirits in you will not need much at all then screw the lid back on firmly and shake for about 5-10 seconds. Or if you are using hairspray do the same but you will need to spray a bit more inside. White spirits will work best and give it a bit more kick.

You are ready to fire aim at the target and press the clicker. This is not a toy and is very powerful even at long distance the dart will stick in a wall or wood without fail. This is very dangerous as you are using sharp objects and toxic products. Please use with caution and never aim it at another person as could result in hospital treatment.

Thank you for reading hope you enjoy making one as much as a did .

Craig :)