Introduction: How to Make a Lifesize Halo Assault Rifle

This is my tutorial on how to make the assault rifle that I held in the pictures for my Halo 4 Master Chief Costume found here: It is actually quite simple, but is kind of time consuming. I will be using blueprints due to the fact that I never took pictures during the making, but this should be helpful.
-Corrugated Cardboard
-1/4" EVA foam mats
-Scissors, pens, rulers, etc.
-Hot glue gun
-Hot glue sticks, TONS of them
-Guide picture(s)/model(s)
-Black Spraypaint
-Gray spraypaint
-Craft foam

Step 1: Cardboard Frame

Cut out the basic shape of the gun out of the cardboard, except cut out the shape of the clip (where it would go in)and save these pieces to make the clip out of. The part that is drawn in the picture is the basic shape/size of the clip that I used. Make two of these and glue them together.

Step 2: Foam Siding

I had some leftover foam from my costume so I decided to use it as the sides of the gun instead of cardboard. You basically cut out the entire shape of the gun twice out of the foam and glue these to either side of the cardboard frame.  What you should have now is something that looks like an assault rifle and has a gap where the clip goes in.

Step 3: "Outlining"

This is really simple and pretty self explanatory. You cut out craft foam and glue it onto the top, bottom, front, and back so that you can't see the layers of cardboard and craft foam.

Step 4: Details

Now you make the details like the barrel, flashlight (non working), an other details. the outlined stuff on the picture is stuff that you just cut out of craft foam and glue on to the gun. NOTE: The red outlined parts, you glue on top of the piece BELOW it to make the grip. The Blue stuff is made by putting a vertical piece straight out of the side of the gun then making another piece and putting it on diagonally from the top of the vertical piece to the edge of the gun. For the green, just roll up craft foam until you get the desired width. For the orange, just print out the picture of the ammo counter and hot glue it to the face where the counter would go. For the trigger, just cut out a piece of EVA foam the shape of the trigger and glue it in place.

Step 5: Painting

For painting, I found that there is parts that are differently colored. On the picture, the part that is outlined in blue is to be painted black, and the orange outlined parts are to be painted gray. To get crisp, clean borders, use blue painter's tape and tape over the parts that you don't want to be painted the color you are using.

Step 6: Done!

Now you are done making a life size halo assault rifle! You can use it as a costume prop, use it in a movie as a realistic prop, or just have fun running around your house pretending you are Master Chief!

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