Introduction: How to Make a MArtin 00018 Acoustic Guitar

This is a Chronilogical movie in daily episodes of the Sanden Guitar building class I attended in August 2014. There are 5 episodes of varying legnth. It was all filmed on a Canon Ixus digital camera and editied in Final Cut Pro 10 and Imovie 11. I built a Martin 00018 all music in the movie is played on the Guitar I built.

Episode 1 Meet the wood and Brace yourself days 1 and 2

Episode 2 Brace Yourself Days 3, 4 & 5 50 mins 12 secs minutes

Episode 3 Its a carve up days 6 & 7 55 mins 13 secs minutes

Episode 4 Days 8 - 11 Its a Bind ,36mins 39 secs

Episode 5 days 12 Assembly 28 Minutes 21 secs

Episode 6 Final Day Set up and play 27 minutes

Thanks to David Luingi ( my great friend,Classical guitarist and band member Lilagatubandet for the classical. Marcus Lindberg, Break out Guitars Halmstad, Hendrix Backdrop clips, Gary Southwell, Stauffer photo. And to Lars and Michael for being great company for two weeks in the heat of the sun and the workshop. Finally and above all Johanna, Rhiannon and Rasmus, my family who gave this course to me as my 50th Birthday present , the best present ever!

Step 1: