Introduction: How to Make a MP3 Player With LCD Using Arduino and DFPlayer Mini MP3 Player Module

Today we will make a MP3 player with LCD using Arduino and DFPlayer mini MP3 Player Module.

The project can read the MP3 files in the SD card, and can pause and play the same as the device 10 years ago. And also it has previous song and next song function.

Step 1: ​► Components

► Components

The following parts were used in this project:

Arduino Uno,

MP3-TF-16P mini mp3 player,


1K resistor,

3 of 100Ω resistors,


1.3 inch oled display,

3 Switch buttons,

Jumper wires,


Step 2: Circuit Diagram

► Code in GitHub (scheme and sketch):

Step 3: Download Library

1. Install Library file: Open "Tools"-"Library Manager" in the Arduino development software, then search for “DFRobotDFPlayerMini” and ”U8g2”, and then install them.

Step 4: Compile and Upload

1. Select the development board as Arduino Nano, this is choose the right.

Step 5:

2. Select the processor as ATmega328P(Old Bootloader), this is to choose the right.

Step 6:

3. Then select the port, this port should be the same as what you see in the device manager, so that you can burn the code into the development board.