How to Make a Macrame [mak-ruh-mey] Bracelet




Introduction: How to Make a Macrame [mak-ruh-mey] Bracelet

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In this instructable i will teach you how to Macrame [mak-ruh-mey]. It is simple but sometimes challenging .I hope you enjoy this Instructable.

Step 1: String

You need some string it may be thin, but not to thin. You will need two pieces of string, half of one piece needs to be as long as your arm. Now fold each piece of string in half. Put both looped ends of the string together and tie a knot at the ends so some excess string is at the looped end.

Step 2: Begining the Bracelet

For this step you will need to pieces of blue painters tape.(it works the best) One to put just above the knot and the other one to hold two of the strings. So you have one end taped take two strands of the same color and put them down the middle. Take the other two and put them straight out.

Now that you have that take one of the strands facing out and make a four or backwards four depending on what strand you use. Take the other strand go over the string that's facing out, under the strings that are coming down and through the loop of the four and pull tight. Then do that on the other side and use the other string. ie. you use the right string first then use the left.

Step 3: Changing the Color of the Bracelet

So now you have a little section of blue bracelet and you want to change it to red! Well its not that hard. What you do is take the two red strings and put one to either side, and take the two blue strings and put them in the middle. Then keep doing the knots and you'll have a section of red and blue!

Step 4: Finishing It Off

This part is the hardest. You can just tie it off. Or you can put the two middle strands through the loop on your wrist and continue doing the knots. It looks better if you do it the harder way. then snip off the excess and your done! Please comment and ask questions

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    I make these all the time when I'm bored at camp. I'm wearing one made of hemp right now. Its surprisingly rigid feeling. I always thought it would work if you first measured the length of the bracelet you want, and then folding the string over once in the middle, and then once on each side that legnth from the middle, and then starting at the top (where the ends meet the middle) that way only one side has a knot. but ive never tried it yet.