Introduction: How to Make a Mad Hatter Hat

Things you will need:
packing paper
12 coffee straws
6 pipe cleaners 
lots of tape
hot glue
fabric (scrap is fine)

Step 1: Step 1

Draw 2 big circles and cut them out

Step 2: Step 2

Draw a smaller circle, it will be where your head goes
cut it out, but make it fits
(it's better to make it smaller at first than bigger because you can always adjust the size if need be)

Step 3:

Put 2 coffee straw together, repeat this 6 times
then put a pipe cleaner through to strengthen it

Step 4:

Poke 6 evenly spaced holes for the rods to fit in
put hot glue or Elmer's glue in the hole and place the rod in the hole
if you use Elmer's glue use tape as well to reinforce it

Step 5:

Do step 4 6 times then repeat again by attaching it to e inner circle of the rim

Step 6:

attach  6 rectangular panels vertically between each straw

Step 7:

reinforce with tape to ensure the structure stays together sturdily

Step 8:

tape down any unsmooth edges on the rim of the hat

Step 9:

glue packing paper to the top edge of the hat

Step 10:

Step 11:

cut another piece of packing paper and glue it to the top of the hat

Step 12:

cut as close to the edge as possible

Step 13:

glue edges down to smooth out the top of the hats surface and blends the edges smoothly

Step 14:

get any (scrap) packing paper and glue it to the rim of the hat

Step 15:

fold the edges as closely to the form and over the edge and under the rim and glue it down, at this point you can paint it if you want

Step 16:

start attaching fabric, gluing the edges and only little bits inside to give it a natural look of bunched fabric

Step 17:

now once you finish gluing the fabric your done unless you want to add hat pins and other accessories to the hat

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