Introduction: How to Make a Magic Boat Origami Tutorial

I'll teach ya how to make a magic boat. EAS 360 Origami Project.

Step 1: Grab Your Sheet of Origami Paper

Pick your favorite color.

Step 2: Fold It

Fold it and then unfold it.

Step 3: Fold Into Center

After unfolding, fold it into center to get 4 rectangles or 3 creases.

Step 4: Fold the Same the Other Way

So the same folds you did but you want to do these next ones perpendicular to the ones you just did.

Fold in half -> unfold -> fold to the center. You'll end up with 16 boxes.

Step 5: Fold in Half to Make a Triangle

Fold again in half but this time to make a triangle. Unfold and do the same the other way. (perpendicular to the way you just did.) Unfold after.

Step 6: Fold Corners Into Center

Now with the uncolored side up, fold the corners into the center.

Step 7: Tricky Part

Position your paper like shown above. Folded into the center long way to make a rectangle.

Grab the top corner flaps and flare it outwards to the side. Push down on the bottom behind the flaps (part touching the table) and follow it through onto the paper making a trapezoid shape.

Step 8: Apply the Tricky Part to the Other Side As Well.

Do the same as before the the other half/side. Don't unfold.

Step 9: Almost Done.

Grab one side of the trapezoid and fold it to the side. Do the same to the flap right next to it.

Step 10: Turn It Around

Turn the paper around

Step 11: Last Step

Grab the top corner and fold it diagonally over to mirror its bottom counterpart.

Step 12: Done.

Show it off at parties. idk.