How to Make a Magical Rotating Open / Closed Sign Board




Introduction: How to Make a Magical Rotating Open / Closed Sign Board

DIY : Learn how to make a Revolutionary Secret Open and Closed Sign Board.

Source: Navin Khambhala # crazyNK

Step 1: List of Martials

1. Wooden sheet with laminate: 42cm X 20cm

2. PVC sheet (12mm): 18cm X 18cm (2 pieses)

3. ACP sheet (3mm): 18cm X 18cm

4. PVC sheet (4mm): 30cm X 20 cm

5. N20 DC Gear Motor: 30 RPM

6. Bearing: 2 pieses

7. Wireless remote control: forward and reverse function

8. 3.7 V Li-ion Battery

Step 2: Make Large Size Gear

Make large size two gear with a diameter of 17cm and number of teeth is 24, from 12mm PVC

Step 3: Cut the Inner Part of Gear

Cut the inner part of Gear with 7cm diameter and superimpose on 3mm ACP sheet, cut this ACP sheet in round shape with 17cm diameter.

Step 4: Fix the Bearing on Gear

Attach the bearing on the center of two large-size gear.

Step 5: Color and Fix on Wooden Sheet

Spray the color on both gear and fix on a wooden sheet (see video for details)

Step 6: Make the Small Gear

Make the three small gear as dimension shown in the above image.

Step 7: Color and Fix (small Gear)

Spray the color and attach all the gear on one large gear's inner part.

Step 8: Fix the Motor

Fix on the motor on a wooden sheet

Step 9: Draw the Letter and Cut

Draw and cut the character to make open and closed words

Step 10: Attach Latter on Gear

Attach all character on the small and large gear as shown in the image

Step 11: Connect Wireless Remote and Battery

Connect wireless circuit and make the connection between motor and battery. Also, attach one extra gear with 12 teeth that have the size exact half of the large gear.

Step 12: Final Functional Sign Board Is Ready to Run

Rotate the Gear using wireless remote to change from open to closed and vice versa.

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    Question 2 months ago on Step 2

    Are there templates available for the gears and letters?


    1 year ago

    Hi, a really nice one to build. I have downloaded the instructions but miss templates for the gears and letters. Hard to draw it without details dimensions. Do you offer the templates anywhere ?

    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    1 year ago

    This is incredible. I loved the "rotate" open/closed signs that Martin Gardener(?) showed in the 1980s. but this is next level. Absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing your work :-)


    1 year ago

    This is an excellent idea -- I want to see "Step 0: How I noticed this was even possible!" :)

    This is like an offshoot of the "Ambigram"