Introduction: How to Make a Marble Cannon

The marble cannon is meant to hit a target that is 2 to 5 meters away in distance and one meter off the ground in height.

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Materials

    - One 50x50 cm block of wood

    - Two pieces of PVC pipe

    - Two rubber bands

    - Two one and a half inch pieces of wood and two one half inch pieces of wood

    - Two nuts and bolts

    - One piece of angled wood

    - Many nails

    - 2 Wooden dowels

    - 3 Metal pieces

    Step 2: Step 2: Asemble the Pipe Together

    - Measure out one foot of PVC pipe and cut it

    - Take a wooden dowel and slide it into the PVC pipe then screw it into the pipe

    - To hold the rubber bands there needs to be a zip tie near the bottom of the PVC pipe

    - The rubber bands will be connected to the screw and a latch

    Step 3: Step 3: Assemble the Two Pieces of Wood to the Base

    - Cut the base on one side an inch and a half to each side

    - Take the one and a half inch pieces of wood and place them where the cuts are

    - Take two nails on each side and drill them in

    - Then take the half inch wood and staple them in the middle of the base. When doing this, leave a half inch between the two pieces of wood in the middle

    Step 4: Step 4: Assemble the Pipe to the Wood

    - Cut a twelve inch PVC pipe

    - Put a wooden dowel in the PVC pipe for stability

    - Drill two nails into the end of the PVC pipe

    - Take two nails and drill them into the PVC pipe but not all the way

    - Put metal on the PVC pipe to latch it to the two thicker wood pieces with two nails on either side

    - Then take the angled wood and slide it in between the half inch wood pieces

    Step 5: Step 5: Final Steps

    - Drill a metal piece into the middle of the twelve inch PVC pipe with two nails

    - After the base and the PVC pipe is finished take the one foot pipe and slide it into the piece of metal that was just placed

    - Then adjust the angle wood to the angle that is needed

    Step 6: Step 9: Calculations

    - Figure out the three angles that were needed for the trials

    - Then, figure out the time through the time calculation that was needed in the air rocket lab

    - After figuring out time, use the third kinematics equation to find Vox and Voy

    - In trial one Vox was 5.12 m/s and Voy was 101.4 m/s

    - In trial two Vox was 5.17m/s and Voy was 88.6m/s

    - In trial three Vox was 6 m/s and Voy was 51.3 m/s

    - After finding Vox and Voy you must complete the pythageorean theorem to find the hypotenuse

    - Trials one through three were 101.5 m/s, 88.8 m/s and 51.6 m/s