Introduction: How to Make a Mask - 2020

With the pandemic going on, we need to keep ourselves and others protected. CDC guidelines tell us that the best way to do that is by wearing a mask and staying 6ft away from one another. There was a shortage in masks earlier this year, so I learned how to make a mask at home. Here are simple steps to make you mask at home!


  • Fabrics
  • Needle & Thread
  • Elastic
  • Scissors or Slicer
  • Pins
  • Mask template

Step 1: Print of the Mask Template

Click on the this link to find the mask template

Step 2: Gather All the Fabrics You Want to Use

Make sure there’s an outside layer and an inside layer.

(Get creative here, I like to choose a fabric with a fun color or pattern)

Step 3: Line Up the Template in the Fabric and Cut It Out.

Make sure that you are cutting 2 pieces for each outside and inside layer.

Step 4: Once Cut, They Should Look Like This

Step 5: Now Place the “inside Piece” Right Sides Together and the “outside Piece” Right Sides Together and Pin Them Along the Curve Side.

Step 6: Now You Can Either Sew the Pinned Area by Hand With a Needle and Thread or You Can Use a Sewing Machine.

Results should look like the third picture.

Step 7: Now Put the Fabric Together by Putting the “right Sides” Together and Pin It All the Way Through. Once Pinned, Sew Along the Top and Bottom of the Mask

After sewing the top and bottom, it should look like the picture on the right.

Step 8: Once the Top and Bottom Are Sewn Together, Turn the Mask Inside Out to Reveal the Mask.

Now, to get rid of the raw sides of the mask we fold and sew it to make it look seamless by folding about ¼ of an inch on each side and placing a pin to secure it and sewing it along the edge.

Step 9: Once the Sides Are Sewn, Place the Elastic Through Each Side to Create the Ear Piece.

Either sew both ends together or tie it to secure the elastic. Make sure the sown area is hidden for a professional look.

Step 10: ​Final Product

Don’t forget to wash the mask before use.