Introduction: How to Make a Massager at Home

Hi all,

This instructable is to show you the steps to make a massager from an old diaphragm based pump motor. This project requires no additional parts and can be done in less than an hour.

Materials needed:

  • Any old power supply ( 5v-20v)

Step 1: Selecting Your Motor

For this project you should choose a diaphragm based pump motor. I got my motor from an old RO water purifier. My motor had all its mechanical parts coated with white impurities of calcium carbonate which made it non usable.

After getting your motor, you must remove the screws in order to expose the mechanical parts of the motor. Then remove all the washers and the rubber parts. Now you will be left only with the center portion which rotates.

Step 2: Working of the Motor

From the above video , the massaging motion of the motor can be clearly seen. I have fixed the rubber washer from the motor on to the circular tips so as to reduce the impact of the metal part of the motor on our body.

Step 3: Selecting the Power Supply for Your Massager

For illustration purpose I have used a bench power supply to demonstrate the massaging effect of the motor at different voltages. You can select any convenient speed. I used an old adapter rated at 15V 500mA for my massager which gave me a gentle massage .

Step 4: Result

This project being simple, gave me extraordinary results. This helped me to get rid of my back pain without any pain killers.

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