Introduction: How to Make a Match House Without Glue!!

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Probably ,if you are reading this article you try make a match house like the classic form , realy this method is good and make a beutyful models but you need to have years of experience ,this ,methods,is more simple and make a little hoses very prety .

You can learn it on a afternoon .


  1. About 220 matches (I use :"EXTRA+","neoFlame","Continente",Golondrina","E.Leclerc","ALDI"... Lidl's matches aren't good for this ,It is to long.
  2. Good iluminante place and "Anti-cat" place

Step 1: Making the First Structure :

Totally this house have four structures:The vertical internal structure,the internal horizontal structure,the external vertical structure and final external horizontal structure.

Put two matches on horizontal next to you.

Put eight matches on the others .

Put other eight matches on it.

put two matches on it like fig3,

put on it other two like fig2.

stop when you have something like fig1.

Step 2: Internal Structure

Put eight matches like fig5

put six matches like fig4

put a coin on it or on my case a photographic film shell

put matches around the perimeter like fig1 make sure that the stick is aligned with down net with up net,when your cube was like fig1 you can throw way your coin

straighten with your fingers the faces of cube , make pressure with your fingers and turn around it

make some pressure on the new top face .

You will have noticed that where the cube was before there were four sticks left, this is completely normal, add these sticks to the ones you have not used.

Step 3: Construct the External Vertical Structure:

We have already built two internal structures, if you just want to make a cube, just do this step but if you want to make a house you have to continue.

Take a match stick and stick it between two sticks above, align it and insert it through the other two below as in figure 1.

Do the same on all faces of the cube and it looks similar to figure 2.

If you just wanted a cube here it is, please put in the field: "I made it" a photograph of your work and the brand name of the matches used in the project.

Who wants to continue please follow the next steps.

Step 4: Last Structure:

Here is the last structurel of the house:

Look to which side the match heads are pointed (Figure 1).

Start sticking matches as in the previous step but this time you see horisontal.

Do this on the four walls of the house.

your cube should look like the one in figure 2

Step 5: The Roof :

Here is the last essential step in completing this project:

Turn the cube over.

With another match push down the toothless toothpicks from the bottom, using the horisontal toothpicks on the walls as marks. It will make two face to face triangles and two small walls (figure 1).

Put matches in the triangles as in figure 2.

Now insert several matches as in figure 3, 4.

If you find matches make a chimney of matches or cut the matches to make small matches so you can do door and window designs :-D

Post in the comments photos of your project.

Try firing one is very fun to do, but very carefully the house almost explodes, take the necessary precautions.

Have a good time