Introduction: How to Make a Message Box in Windows

I learned how to do this a few years ago, and I thought I might show you. It takes only 5 minutes and is really fun to do.


Here is what you will need:

-5 Minutes

-Windows XP or higher computer


Step 1: Open Notepad

First, you will need to open Notepad. Tap the Windows Key and N.

Step 2: Type the Code and Save

Here is what you will need to type into Notepad:

x=msgbox("Text Here","0","Title Here")

Once you've done that, hit save.

Select 'All Files' instead of 'Text Documents', and save it as 'MessageBox.vbs'.

Step 3: Adding More Stuff

1. You can make your Message Box talk. Type this:

x=msgbox("Text Here","0","Title Here")

Set Sapi = Wscript.CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice")

set wshshell = wscript.CreateObject("")

Sapi.speak "Enter What You Want Your Computer To Say Here"

2. You can make your Message Box have different buttons. Replace the "0" in the middle with one of these:

0: Normal message box

1: OK and Cancel

2: Abort, Retry, Ignore

3: Yes, No, Cancel

4: Yes and No

5: Retry and Cancel

3. You can also make it have different symbols:

16: Critical message icon

32: Warning query icon

48: Warning message icon

64: Information message icon

4. If you type 4096, it will always stay on top of the desktop.

Step 4: When You've Finished...

You can show your friends how to make their own, make one to wish someone a Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas, or even a Fake Virus Message Box! If you are an Apple user, don't worry! You can make one by clicking the link below. Stay tuned for more awesome Instructables by Corgi2000!