Introduction: How to Make a Minecraft End Portal

This is a step by step tutorial about How To Make A Minecraft End Portal.

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:

12 End Portals

12 Eye Of Enders

Any type of Weapon (Optional, but highly suggested if you are going to fight the Ender Dragon!)

Step 2: Frame

Use the End Portal, and start the frame. Refer to the picture.

Step 3: Continue the Frame

Continue the frame by adding 3 End Portals to one side and repeat that on all four sides. Refer to the picture.

Step 4: Activate the End Portal

Take the Eye Of Ender and place each Eye Of Ender on each Portal. If you are playing with the Edition Minecraft Pocket Edition make sure that the Eyes Of Ender are pointing to the center of the Portal. That Should Activate The Portal.

Step 5: You Are Done!

You have officially finished the End Portal. If it didn't work you should check back at the before hand steps and look for mistakes that you might have made! You can explore the End biome and try to defeat the Ender Dragon! You may also wanna find the End City! In the End City you may find an End ship that contains elytra!

Thank You For Reading!!


If you defeat the Ender Dragon you might be obstruct. This means you will be teleported to a random place in the Minecraft world. So you should probably have another player outside of the End Portal to teleport to. Also there is no way to get out unless you die, kill the Ender Dragon or turn your game mode to creative and build another End Portal. But if you build another End Portal you might be obstruct. Please take this in consideration before entering the portal.

Tip: Have armor, a weapon, and I suggest a shield also. A Nether Crystal is also suggested. A Nether Crystal or a weapon will destroy the End Crystals. That will make sure that the Ender Dragon doesn't draw health. Unless you place more End Crystals or summon one.

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