Introduction: How to Make a Minecraft KIT PVP Minigame

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Hey Instructables and welcome to my second instructable! I will show you how to make Kit pvp!

recommended to make in creative and switch to survival when playing

You need:
command blocks


Pressure Plates

A decent Kit pvp spawn

friends :D <3 or a server to host it on

Step 1: Bonus-my Spawn

Your spawn has to be BEEG, too. Or at least good to hold minimum 4 classes.

-Looking at pic 4, that is how the walls are made if you want to know.

-At pic 1 you can see I made a cool floor. To make it you must put one block of your kind, skip one and place another in a skip-1 pattern. Then fill in the rest w/ a different block.

-Pic 2-3 is High-View of the Spawn.

Step 2: The REAL Step One-

Think of how many classes you want and how OP or weak or what advantages do they have. This can even be like a Super Craft Bros. thing if you know how to use command blocks like a boss. I'm just going to show Kit PvP

The kits I'm going to make are:
(starter kit)Barbarian- Full iron except for helmet which is chain, iron sword, and food.

(starter kit)Archer- Enchanted Bow and 5 stacks of Arrows, Stone Sword and all leather, food

(10 diamonds for this!)Alchemist-4 stacks of harming pots II, 2 stacks of Healing II, Poison II pots, and a wood sword and a fishing rod

(30 diamonds for this!)Overlord-FULL DIAMOND, Iron Sword w/ food.

You can use my kits or just invent your own.

and the diamonds thingy for overlord and alchem? That is cause the command blocks will give you a diamond, and every time you get a kill the player drops a diamond. In the map and spawn there will be enderchests so you can store your diamonds. To pay? Just make sure you have enough diamonds, then throw them in the lava and u unlocked the kit! There wont be redstone for this though...


You gotta set a river of linked command blocks connected to a button in the spawn. You shouldn't see the command blocks. To give the items for my archer kit, i would do:
/give @p minecraft:bow 1 0 {ench:[{id:51,lvl:1},{id:50,lvl:5}]} (the ench command means i enchanted my bow with infinity I and flame V)

/give @p minecraft:arrow
/give @p minecraft:leather_

/give @p minecraft:stone_sword

/give @p minecraft:cooked_porkchop 64

/give @p minecraft:diamond

(Not my youtube channel and BTW go to youtube and watch the video, look in the description for all ench ids like 51 is infinity and 16 sharpness)

Step 4: Step 3- the Arena

You need an arena. DUH. I am in a flatland world, but you can take advantage of having a preset terrain by using DEFAULT WORLD. But i'm not gonna show you my arena cause i literally stink at building landscapes so why embarass myself? And also if you want your arena to have a limited size, do /give <your username> minecraft:barrier and a sign that looks like the pic above. This is a barrier and no one can cross it, sorta like a magical forcefield but you have to place it. You just build your style arena!! :D

Step 5: Thanks for Reading!

Thanks dudes and dudettes for reading this cause now you just finished your good ol pvp minigame! Be sure to like and follow! PS which skin is better the one in the intro or the one right above "thx for reading!"? comment below :D