Introduction: How to Make a Minecraft Trampoline

This minecraft trampoline is super fun and a big hit when it comes to my younger siblings! It is a fun to create and also fun to play with at the end! It makes you jump sooo much higher than you usually do on your own. Some safety things you should know are that if you end up using this in survival mode you can may end up taking some damage so just make sure your characters hungry bars are full so you can heal up quick!


1. red stone

2. red stone torch

3. slime blocks

4. lever

5. Red stone repeater

6. Dirt block

7. sticky piston

Step 1:

Start by placing a sticky piston facing up right and a slime block on top. It is important the stick piston is facing up that way it moves the slime block.

Step 2:

Add more slime blocks onto the other slime block. Make sure you end up with a 3x3

Step 3:

Add 4 red stone pieces connecting to the sticky piston, make sure it connects because if it doesn't it will not work.

Step 4:

Place your red stone repeater at the end of the 4th piece of red stone you placed. Click on the repeater all the way till it hits the end.

Step 5:

Place down your dirt block diagonally from the repeater. After place another piece of red stone in between the repeater and dirt block. Add another to connected to the line 4 for red stone you made. It should look like my image above.

Step 6:

Place the lever on top of the dirt block and the red stone torch on the side of the dirt block near the repeater. It matters you put it there that way it connects to the repeater and powers it. The lever will help you turn your trampoline on and off.

Step 7: HAVE FUN

Now you have a working trampoline! To get best results jump on it and you jump a lottt higher. I hope you had fun making this just as I did! this is a great way for beginners who just started using red stone to express their creativity. I hope you enjoyed!

Also special thanks to edgar for giving me the idea to use minecraft for my project!