Introduction: Mini Foldable Soccer Goal (with Ball)

You will need:

-A 3-D Pen

-3D pen filament (color of your choice.)
-String (any color and thickness)

-A plastic grocery bag

-Hot glue gun

-Glue Dots


Step 1: Creating the Posts

To begin you will need to create four rectangles that are 1 inch long and 1 centimeter wide. You may make the dimensions larger or smaller if you like. All four rectangles need to be filled in with the filament. Once you have all four rectangles made and filled you can begin to form them together so that they create a four-sided rectangle (See Photos)

Step 2: Creating the Front of the Goal

Repeat step one so that you have two side posts for the goal. Then create another rectangle that is 2 ½ to 3 inches long and that is the same width as your posts. Fill in the rectangle and then connect it to the posts. Create another small rectangle that is connected to the crossbar (the top rectangle), but don't fill it in. This opening needs to be small but large enough to weave a net though. Then you will need to create seven lines so that you have eight openings. Then create a 2-D version of the front and create another small rectangle with seven lines and eight openings. (See Photots.)

Step 3: The Net

Then tie a knot at the very last whole and begin weaving the string through in an up and down motion. Once you have woven the net completely through you will then need to secure it at the end with another knot. Then begin to weave the net back through in an up an down motion, and then secure it to one of the holes that you started the net at with a knot. (See Photos.)

Step 4: The Ball

To create the ball you will need a plastic grocery bag. Begin cutting the bag into thin strips. You will need to have at least 10 strips depending on how big you want the ball to be. Take one strip and make a knot. Continue to tie more knots around the first knot building up around it. Continue to make more knots on to it until it is the size you desire. I made mine about two centimeters between my fingers. (See photos)

Step 5: Finishing Touches

To finish the goal you will need to fill in the bottom of the side posts with hot glue and then put a glue dot on the bottom. *Be sure to keep the plastic part that the glue dot comes on so that you can put it on the glue dot when you are not using the goal so that it doesn't lose its stick. (See Photo) You will now have a fun pocket-sized soccer goal play with.

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