Introduction: How to Make a Mini Fountain Using TINKERCAD CODEBLOCKS

In order to stimulate the imagination of girls grade 6-8 students and create a better future, we have developed such a series of courses.In this lesson, students will learn:

-Discuss and debate human-computer interaction issues.
-Identify, define and solve the calculation problems in the design of water spray lotus pond, so as to carry out personalized design on it. -Explore the use of control structures to set parameters, -Use code for clear communication and expression, -Use code to generate 3D models, share their designs through 3D printing, GIF animation or rendering pictures.

Estimated teaching time: 3 classes, 60 minutes each


-Computer, Network, Tinkercad (Free, Easy to Use, Online 3D Modeling Software),

-3D printer (optional but useful),

-Codeblocks code that can be downloaded and used for color printing.

Step 1: Real Fountain in School

Shanghai No.3 Girls’ Middle School is the only state-owned middle school for girls in Shanghai. The beautiful campus is located on JiangSu Road. Shanghai No.3 Girls’ Middle School has more than 120-year history, with McTyeire High School and St. Mary’s Hall as its twin predecessors. The school now has an enrollment of more than 900 students with 90 teaching and administrative staff members.We provide a rich curriculum and diverse activities to bring out the best of each individual, and to nurture the girls into talented young ladies who are Natural, Independent, Caring and Elegant.

Shanghai No.3 Girls’ Middle School strives to be a modern educational institution of international renown at the forefront of education in China.

Now let's begin

Open the website and register a user. If you are already a user of the website, please log in and click CODEBLOCKS to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Building a Connection Pipe

Step 3: Building Spraying Part

Step 4: Building the Lower Part of Reservoir

Step 5: Building the Lower Part of the Water-spraying Lotus Pond

Step 6: Prepair the Following Hardware

Prepare the following hardware and print out stl files in 3d printer.

Step 7: Electrical Connection

Step 8: Inside the Mini Water Spray Lotus Pool

Step 9: User Guide

  • When the 9V rechargeable lithium battery is charged, press the blue and white button.
  • in the phone wifi access option, you can see the wifi access option of ESP***.
  • Open the mobile phone's browser and enter in the browser, you can see the operation interface of the Internet of things module. Use this switch option to control the mini fountain.

Step 10: Troubleshooting

  • The amount of water used in this case is about 18ml to 30ml;
  • In the figure above, the water on the left side and the electric on the right side, Here, a layer of yellow waterproof tape is used to isolate the water and electric.
  • If the wifi signal source cannot be obtained after turning on the switch (the blue light is always on), please turn on the power switch again or charge the lithium battery.
  • If water spraying cannot be achieved by using mobile phone, please turn off the power and shake the whole water spraying lotus pool slightly, release the bubbles at the bottom of the water pump and try again.

Step 11: ​Learning Advice and Learn More

When students explore Codeblocks for the first time, it is suggested that they should work in pairs so that they can check each other's mistakes and discuss what they notice each block doing.

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