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Introduction: How to Make a Mini PC

About: Hi,I'm from DFRobot, a dream factory for robo-holics to make a better world.

A story of where did we come from:

the one of the three classical questions in philosophy---Where did we come from, has been disturbed me all years. I once tried to write things like a novel and gave a temperate opinion here about the question. It begins like this: as many centuries passed, the advanced civilization has still been puzzled by the question about where did we come from. People are desperate to know the answer, so they started a huge project: using a most advanced computer to simulate the real world and analysis it to find a trail of clues of the question. 5 million worlds are simulated by these computer. Input different initial parameters into computers, living Organism emerged in most of the worlds with time. But in these simulated world, the advanced civilization can not be really touched. Unplugging the computer, the living things in analog world would not die but 'stop', because they are soulless. Plug it again, everything in these world goes on just as be continued.

OK, here comes today’s topic, I just got a 7” LCD Capacitive Touchscreen made by DFRobot , and I felt as if I had discovered a precious relic. I am even afraid that the screen would be crushed by its own weight. In order to protect my cherished touchscreen, I determined to make a soulmate for it.

Step 1: To Complete the Project, You Need the Following Material

Step 2: Print the Module

Step 3: Install the Raspberry Pi

There is 3.5mm audio interface on the Raspberry Pi. I cut a worn-out earphone, made a small cut at its interface and soldered DuPont lines to connect audio amplifier module. Connect the speaker with the amplifier module and fix it on the printed module. A soulmate for the touchscreen is done.

Imagine I open the door, and see these three cool stuff on the desk. I would be very willing to start working.

Step 4: Two Ways to Place the Soulmate

Using 7” touchscreen with his soulmate, we can find a lot of interested things.

Story continues: the existence of these analog worlds is to solve the problem of where did we come from. Finally, advanced intelligent living organism appeared on the 10 thousands worlds out of the 5 million worlds. But unfortunately, the perennial question still remained unsolved. So these creatures begin to do what their ancestors do--create more analog world until a thing called “earth” emerged....

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    Question 2 years ago

    Are the STL files online some where? This looks like a great project to make a portable Retro console for my son.