How to Make a Mini Speaker-Super Easy.



Introduction: How to Make a Mini Speaker-Super Easy.

About: HI,I am Emon.I am 17 years old boy from south Asia.I love science.I like to make random project.

Hi Guys, today we will build a " Make a Mini Speaker".This speaker is very mini but it's sound quality and loudness is pretty amazing.This speaker can be a simple replacement for Laptop or cell phone speaker.

Step 1: Things Needed

1.PAM8403 Audio Amplifier.

2.A Speaker.

3.Cell phone battery.

4.TP4056 Charging Module.

5.3.5 millimeter Audio Jack.



8.A container

Step 2: Making the Amplifire.

1.Solder Audio left, right channel and ground wire to the PAM8403 board.

2.Solder cabler with the speaker and connect it to the PAM8403 board.

3.You can also add a led to the one unused channel output for visual effect.

Step 3: Making the Power Source.

1.Solder cable to the positive and ground terminals of the battery and connect another end to the Charging Module.

2.Use a jumper wire to connect the battery to the PAM8403 module.

3.Add a switch between PAM8403 and power source.

Step 4: Making the Enclosure.

1.Marks the outline with a pencil.

2.Cut it using a utility knife.

3.Hook up all the compartments using hot glue.

4.Close the enclosure



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