Introduction: How to Make a Miniature Wooden Chair for Dollhouse

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In this article I'm going to explain how to make a miniature wooden chair for dollhouse using posticle sticks and kebab sticks.

Step 1: Kebab Stick Pieces

Cut kebab sticks in following sizes and quantities

5cm - 6 pcs For Legs and Stiles

3cm - 4 pcs For spindles

3.5cm - 1pc For bottom rail

3.6cm- 1pc For cross rail

3.7cm- 1pc For top rail

Step 2: Let's Make the Seat

Take a popsicle stick and cut 2 pieces of 4cm long. And sand them to get smooth edges

Step 3: Let's Make the Seat Cont...

Keep the two parts and apply glue to bond them

Step 4: Let's Connect Spindles to Legs

Take the 5cm long stick and stick the 3cm long stick tho that with glue, Make two of them

Step 5: Let's Connect Spindles to Legs Cont...

Stick other 2 spindles to the legs

Step 6: Let's Connect Spindles to Legs Cont...

Step 7: Let's Make the Rails

Take the 5cm long stick and attach 3.7cm long stick as the top rail, 3.6cm stick as cross rail and 3.5cm stick as bottom rail with glue

Step 8: Sticking the Seat to Legs

Place the legs part we made in previous steps on the seat part and apply glue to the joints

Step 9: Attach the Stile Part to the Seat

Place the stile part on the seat with a small angle and apply glue to the bottom

Step 10: Let's Give Nice Finishing to Our Chair

Apply wood varnish to the chair to give nice finishing

Step 11: Final Product

Here we have nice miniature wooden chair. Enjoy making this chair and give it to your kids to play with the dollhouse and dolls.

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