How to Make a Mobile Holder




Introduction: How to Make a Mobile Holder

This a wooden Phone holder , designed to hold the phone in the landscape orientation to be used for watching videos playing etc , it can be redesigned to hold tablets or Ipads too .

Step 1: Designing on Soldworks

the original design with English Dimensions was made by Arnoce .

I took the original concept behind the kerf design and made it with my own dimensions .

it was made by Solidworks and the file was exported into .dxf file to be cut in the laser cutter program .

Step 2: Laser Cutting Process

the funny process with varying alot between power and speed of the laser cutter , and as it was the first time to use a laser cutter , I experienced a lot of exhaustion in know the best power and speed needed to cut properly , the speed was 15 , power 70 for a 3mm wooden sheet .

the final result was with a good smoky smelled compared with some wasted pieces , some was engraved in the sheet and some was so weak in the kerf hinges which was destroyed with a small bend .

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    Great design! It makes me really wish that I had access to a laser cutter.

    peter asaad
    peter asaad

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks a lot :) .