Introduction: How to Make a Motorcycle License Plate Holder

I made this at Techshop Detroit


16 gauge sheet metal

measuring tape

sheet metal shear

sheet metal brake

metal punch

hand shear

Step 1: Sheet Metal and Blueprints

this is 16 gauge from lowes

I found the dimension of my state motorcycle license plate online and drew out a guide by hand

Step 2: Measure and Scribe

after measuring it out I used a scribe to mark the metal

Step 3: Start Cutting

I used the sheet metal shear first to get it down to 7"

Step 4: More Cutting

I used the corner notch to get the angular cut done first. Because it is 16 gauge you really have to pull down on it.

Step 5: Final Cut

Using the metal shear I cut the rest of the excess of leaving a flange on the top right

Step 6: Bend

I used the sheet metal brake to put a bend in the flange, trying to get as close as I could to a right angle.

Step 7: Punch

I used the metal punch to put in 5/16" holes for the bolts. For my plate they are 2 3/4" apart and 5 3/4" apart.

Step 8: Holes Are Squared Away

If I measured correctly this will now hold a license plate

Step 9: Attach

I plan on using the side panel cover bolt to attach it.