Introduction: How to Make a Motorcycle Sprocket Wall Clock

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Hello and welcome to my first instructable

I replaced the chain and sprockets on my motorcycle last year and didn't want to just throw it away so instead I kept it in a box. This weekend I finally got the idea to make a wall clock with the rear sprocket.


- Utility knife
- Allen key (depending on the bolts)
- Wrench (depending on the nuts)
- A ruler (or anything to draw a straight line with)
- Something to draw a circle with
- Marker
- Drill
- Drill bits

- Old motorcycle sprocket
- Scrap piece of plywood ( mine was about 2 mm thick )
- Bolts that will fit the holes on you're sprocket
- Clock motor
- Clock hands

Step 1: Drawing the Cutout Lines

Draw a circle on the plywood wide enough so that the bolts can go through but small enough so that it doesn't stick out to the sides(I used a mini old gas bottle).
Next place the sprocket on top of the circle and mark out the holes for the bolts.

Step 2: Cutting It Out

To cut out the circle , use the utility knife and GO SLOW. There is no rush and the slower you go , the neater you will work and the safer it will be. Don't try to cut straight through on the first try but instead do a few passes.
To drill the holes , put the plywood on another piece of wood and drill slow. If you drill fast it might tear the plywood apart.

Step 3: Finding and Drilling the Center Hole.

To find the center for the motor , use a ruler (or anything straight) to connect the crossover holes for the bolts. I suggest doing it at the back to save you the sanding time. The center will be where all the lines meet.
Now to drill the hole , put the plywood on a separate piece of wood like before. Start by drilling a small pilot hole and then increacing the drill bit size until it is the right size for the motor.

Step 4: Incerting and Tightening the Bolts

Now align the holes for the bolts on the sprocket and the holes in the plywood and insert the bolts. At the back , tighten the nuts but don't make it too tight so that it shatters the wood.

Step 5: Installing the Clock Motor

To install the motor , remove the nut and washer that came with it and stick the tip of the motor through the center hole from the back. Now add the washer then the nut from the front and fasten it firmly by hand.

Step 6: Installing the Clock Hands

To install the clock hands , firstly push the hour hand ( the short one )in place , then the minute hand ( the middle one ) and lastly the long one.

Step 7: Finally You Are Done

Now the only thing left to do is to is to insert the battery and you are done.

Congratulations you have just reused something that would have been thrown away and made an awesome wall clock with it.

Thanks alot for reading my first instructable, please tell me where i can improve and share your ideas below.

Thank you
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