Introduction: How to Make a Motorized Shoes / Skating at Home

Walking is difficult. You’ve got to use all those lousy leg muscles, not to mention overload your brain with orders to move each individual leg in a tiring synchronized motion. Thankfully now you can move effortlessly with these electric motorized shoes.

source: Navin Khambhala # crazyNK

Step 1: List of Materials

1. 12V DC Metal Gear Motor

Quantity: 2 Pieces, RPM: 200, Torque: minimum 30 kgcm

2. Bicycle Training Wheels

Quantity : 2 pair

3. Ball Bearing Pillow Block Mounted Support

Quantity: 4 pieces, Size: 10 mm (KP000 )

4. 90 Degree Steel Gears With Screws

Quantity and Size: 10mm (2 pieces) & 6mm (2 pieces)

5. Four Prong T Nut

Quantity: 8 pieces, Size: M10

6. Heavy Duty Caster with Twin Wheels Fixed

7. Nuts and bolts

Size: 10 mm length: 7 inches

8. 10A Relay 1 CH Wireless Remote Control Switch

Quantity : 2 pieces

9. 12V DC female socket

Quantity : 2 pieces

10. Clamp for Geared DC motor

Quantity: 2 pieces

11. 3.7 V Li-ion Battery

Recommended: Remove from old laptop battery or PowerBank

Step 2: Cut the Wooden Pieces With Shape of Shoes

Use 8mm Plywood to make this part

Step 3: Connect All Mechanism Together

1. Fix two wheel, ball bearing support and gear on bolt using T nuts and normal nuts

2. Attach all part to wooden plate

Step 4: Connect Motor and Front Wheel

1. Connect motor with gear on board with the help of motor clamp.

2. Also fix Caster Twin Wheels at the front of wooden board\.

Step 5: Attach Battery Between Motor and Front Wheel

Collect battery cell from old laptop or power bank (80 % cell are in working condition in old battery pack)

Step 6: Connect All Electric Part Together Using Wire

Fix 12V Female socket and Wireless relay switch and make connection between motor and battery.

Step 7: Make the Two Same Structure for Both Leg

Fix Shoes on wooden board using adhesive solution

Step 8: Final Product Is Ready for Ride

Learn normal skating before ride on this electric motorized shoes and make this vacation interesting.