Introduction: How to Make a Mouse Trap Car

Hey, I am in 6th grade and today I will be showing you how to build a Mouse Trap Car. This is a simple project that will be powered by a spring in the mousetrap which will be connected to a string that will then make the car move when you connect the string to a hook and rewind and let go. Let's get started!!!

Step 1: Grab Your Materials!!!

In this project you will need the following materials,

~ wooden dowels and wooden skewers

~a paper clip


~tape (any color)




~4 discs

~ and of course a mousetrap

The tools you will need is going to be the following,

~Hot Glue Gun

~ Scissors

~Box Cutter

~Wire Cutters

When you have collected these items move on to the next step!

Step 2: Build the Body

So the first step is to align the wooden dowels (how much you please), for it to be sturdy I hot glued a piece of cardboard to the back. Then you hot glue half a straw to the back. You then get a wooden skewer and place it in the straw and get a little piece of cardboard and then stick it through the skewer then grab the disc and make it straight on the skewer so that the car will move straight take your hot glue gun and then pour a good amount and let it dry (keep the disc straight). Do the same with the other side. Move on to the next step.

Step 3: Front of the Car

Hot glue two wooden dowels to the front of the car and wait a minute for the hot glue to dry. After you have done that you put that aside and grab a paper clip. Cut a forth of the paper clip with a wire cutter and then bend it. That will be the hook where you put the string. Get another straw and cut it into halves and then slide them into a skewer. Like in the previous step put a square piece of cardboard and adjust the discs so that they will be straight. You can add tape to make it more secure. The last thing you should do is add the hook with tape or hot glue. Move on to the final step.

Step 4: Setting Up the Mouse Trap

Grab your mouse trap. With a wire cutter remove the long golden stick. Prepare the ZipTies by sliding them underneath and then grab a wooden dowel and stick it in place, pull on the ZipTies as hard as you can until the wooden dowel doesn't move. Then grab the end and tie a piece of string onto it and I put tape to keep it in place. Make a loop at the end of the string. Finally, hot glue the mouse trap into place.

Step 5: Testing Time

To test it out grab the loop and then hook it up to the paper clip and then ravel it up and let it go. The ''engine'' is the mouse trap that helps the car move just like in real life. Have fun playing.