Introduction: How to Make a Naruto Headband Out of Household Items

This will show you how to make a cheap naruto headband out of items that might be lying around your house.


Sellotape, thread, needle, glue, split pins, scissors, felt, tin foil, cardboard and a pen... Maybe a bit of paper.

Step 1: Get Some Felt Blue/black

Get some felt and cut it into a big strip, or small strips, depending on how much felt you have.

Step 2: I Had to Cut Three Strips, But You May Only Need 2....or 1...or OH I DONT KNOW JUST MEASURE...

Read the title of the step...

Step 3: Sew the Strips

Umm sew the strips

Step 4: Draw on Cardboard the Wierd Metal Plate Thing Shape

........... D9ehwge7fbegafsugjfvwuwkwvr

Step 5: Cut It Out

Step 6: Stab Holes Through the Cardboard and Felt

Step 7: Put Split Pins Through and Split When Done

Step 8: Get Tin Foil

Step 9: Cut It a Bot Bigger Than the Cardboard

Step 10: Tuck It Under the Sides of the Cardboard

Step 11: Draw the Symbol You Want and Outline the Top of the Pins

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