Introduction: How to Make a Never-Lose Dice in TinkerCAD(Silly Solutions)

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I am a soon to be 8th grader who enjoys 3D modeling. I was assigned by my teacher/mother to design a solution to a common problem and solve it in a silly way to improve my skills in 3D modeling. I was also assigned to write an Instructables about this project to help improve my grammar and writing skills. Please vote for me in the Student Design Contest in TinkerCAD if you enjoy this Instructables.


  1. TinkerCAD account
  2. Patience
  3. 3D printer(optoinal)
  4. Computer with internet access

Step 1: The Dice

To start making the Never Lose Dice find the 'Dice' at the bottom of the Basic Shapes menu and put it in the middle of the work plane. Next, shift click the sizing square and in the number box insert 37.00mm.

Step 2: Adding the Holes

Find the cylinder in the Basic Shapes menu and then shift select its sizing box. In the number box input 6.85mm. Then, using the small black cone toward the top of the shape drag it to the top of the dice and put it in bottom left corner, click duplicate and drag it forward 2mm. Click duplicate again and as long as you didn't unselect the second cylinder the third cylinder will move in front by itself. Shift click all the cylinders and align them according to the graphic. Then, click duplicate and move it back a bit, shift click all the cylinders and align them again just the same only this time rotate your view by 90 degrees. Last, group the the cylinder's together.

Step 3: Putting It Together

From this point you can start to put the holes on all the sides to make it look like a dice. Align the dice as depicted in the first graphic, then before grouping, duplicate the cylinder's shape, shift click the dice and click group. Next, rotate the dice by 90 degrees, duplicate the cylinders shape and click group. To finish the cutouts in the dice, repeat this process all the way around but at the end use the bottom rotate icon to move the cylinder's shape to a uncut side. If you so choose, you can use the "Text" from the numbers and letters menu and you can add words ''Never'', "Lose'', and ''Dice'' around the edges. But I am not going over that in this Instructables.

Step 4: Conclusion

This was very fun Instructables to write. I hope you found this helpful and fun.

Happy Printing!

Note: I highly recommend this model for 3D printing for any of the times that you need to win in a game of dice.

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