How to Make a New Year's Sequin Dress



Introduction: How to Make a New Year's Sequin Dress

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Ladies! How many times have you gone out , year after year , looking for that perfect dress for New Years. You want something glitzy , but not too glitzy, simple but not too simple and just plain glam ! Well here is a super easy do it yourself sequin dress tutorial for you. You can make the sleeves and the dress as long or as short as you want. Personal preference. I am currently in the Caribbean , so shorter for me works best. I don't want to be sweating my balls off at the party !

This is the second video of the DIY: NYE 2015 Series. I call this one the Glam look. Try to get a sequin fabric that has a bit of stretch, if you can’t find any then just use a zipper at the back of the dress. Wax Paper is a must when sewing a sequin fabric so ensure you have some on hand for this project.

Step 1: What You Will Need

sequin fabric - about a yard or more . I'm tiny and a yard was just good enough for me

wax paper - this is definitely a must when working with sequins so the glue doesn't stick to the needle

pattern paper

fabric/paper scissors

writing instruments

ruler / french curve

awesome sauce

Step 2: Watch the Video :)

This video shows you how to make the easy pattern for the dress as well as the steps to sew it. It can all be done in one day !

Step 3: Hope You Enjoyed !!!!!!

If you enjoyed this video and want to see more then please let me know. I love teaching people how to sew because it is my passion , so to know you appreciate it , please leave me a comment or a like . Thanks !!!!

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