Introduction: How to Make a Nice USB 3-Port Hub From Old Plastic Box

Hello : )

In this project we will make a nice port USB from old things and cheap things

in the first I'm sorry coz the photo maybe not very good coz I captured it from my mobile

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Step 1: Components

What we will need to make this project :

1- 3* USB Connector A type

2- USB Connector B type


4- 3* Resistor 320ohm

5- PCB board

6- Old plastic box

7- Cut and past sheet ( Chose any colour you like )

Step 2: Cut and Remove the Meatal From USB Connector

we will need to remove the metal cover from USB Connector A type and we will cut it to two paces to can make something like switch

So when we will put the flash memory the circuit of the RGB LED will close the LED will make a light

I used three USB socket coz the RGB LED has 3 pins so every pin connect to one USB socket

Step 3: Make Some Holes in the Plastic Box

We now will make some hole for USB Connectors

So I made a hole for USB Connector B type well I made it quite big coz ill pase in it the Cable to connect it to the computer

and I made three holes for USB Connectors A type

Step 4: Electronic Circuit

in this step we will make the electronic circuit

its really very simple coz you will just connect the USB Connector B type with the 3 USB Connectors A type

and after you cut the cover metal of the USB A type you will put it and make connections with RGB LED.

And after this we will put the electronic circuit in the plastic box and we will hold it in the plastic box by using the Hot gun

Step 5: Make It Nice

And now we will use cut and past sheet to make the plastic box be very nice

but you will not put anything in the upper coz we not wanna hide the light of the RGB LED

Step 6: Finally

And we finally finished ;)

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Thank you for watching my project :)

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