How to Make a Note Holder Tree for Your Desk (Homemade)



Introduction: How to Make a Note Holder Tree for Your Desk (Homemade)

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I was made a photo & note holder for my girlfriend. I like it and thought that why I don't have it. So I have got the work and made a new one for me :) and also wanted to share with you in order to do it yourself..

Step 1: What You Need ?


- 8 pieces of binder clips (19 mm)

- 8 pieces of insulated single copper wire (approx. 40 cm length)

- a pot (9 cm diameter, 10 cm height)

- filling material for pot (peat, vermiculite, perlite, peel etc.)

- some decor for your pot (optional)


- dremel or such driller (with drill bit and spiral)

- scissors

- pliers

- hot glue

Step 2: How To

I have performed a video that how to make it. I hope it was useful.


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