Introduction: How to Make a PVC Bow and Arrow

This is my tutorial on how to make a PVC bow and arrow. This, like a couple of my other projects was made mainly out of my boredom. I get bored a lot and therefore have a few random instructables. Sorry that I haven't posted for a while, I was getting my floors redone and could not be in my home for a while, but I am back now. As I was saying, this is just a bow (and arrow) that is made from some pvc pipes. Well, the arrows are wood, but you get the point. Enough of this boring talking, lets get to the building!


-6-8" 3/4" pvc pipe (Just to clarify, 3/4" wide hole, not the pvc material)
-two 2-3' thin pvc tubes (the material thin,not the hole, I used some old glow stick necklace tubes that were from a party a while ago, if you want to know what I used)
-Pencil, pen, yard stick(or meter stick, same thing)scissors,pvc cutting saw or just a saw.
-wood dowel (about 2' long)
-duct tape(3 colors for the arrow, and enough colors for the target if you want to make one)
-pencil sharpener(one of the sharpeners that has a smaller hole and a bigger hole, you want the bigger hole for the arrow)

Step 1: Getting the Pipes

First, you need the pipes for the bow. As I said in the intro, I used some old glow necklace pipes, but really thin pvc would work too. I also had a true pvc pipe that was about 6 inches long, and the necklace tubes could fit nicely into it, so I decided to use it as a connector in the middle. Now we can truly start building!

Step 2: Cutting the Notches for the String

Now, you have to cut two little notches in either end of the bow (or on one end of the two pipes, I found that two pipes are easier to work with than one.) For this, I just used a pvc cutting saw and cut one line straight into the pipe about 1/2 way through, then cut another diagonal line into the pipe that connected to the first line, forming a slit in the pipe so the string won't slip down the pipe.

Step 3: Tying the String and Putting the Ends in the PVC

Next, you have to cut a piece of string that is about 6-8" longer than the two pipes put end to end. Then, you have to tie the string around the ends of the pipes that have the notch VERY TIGHTLY so that the string does not slip off the pipe when lots of pressure is put on it. Once this is done, take one of the pipes and put the end that does NOT have the string tied to it and put it halfway into the pvc pipe. Now this part can be a little tricky. You have to take the end without the string of the other pipe and force it into the other half of the pvc pipe, so that the two necklace pipes have at least some tension or bend in them. If not, that is ok, as long as the string isn't drooping all over, you are fine.

Step 4: Making the Arrow Shaft

For the first part of the arrow, you have to make the shaft. I made it out of an old wooden dowel that I had just lying around and was never going to get used for anything. First, I took a saw meant for cutting dowels, and cut the arrow down to size. Next, I took that saw and cut directly down the shaft , and eventually splitting the shaft in half from the end about 1 inch down. Then I taped directly around the dowel to prevent it from splitting too far down the shaft. Lastly, I used the larger hole in the pencil sharpener (usually meant for crayons) and sharpened the dowel to a nice point. For this, you could use a separate arrowhead, but I found this to be much easier.

Step 5: Arrow Feathers

Now you have to make the feather things on the end of the arrow. I made them out of duct tape, but other materials can be used. First, I made three small-ish duct tape rectangles, two of the same color, one different and then cut out the feather shape out of them, making sure the feathers were the same shape and size, this REALLY matters. Now, tape these to the main shaft, about 1/4-1/2" from the bottom of the duct tape that prevents the splitting.

Step 6: Done!

Now you are done with your bow! You can do anything with it, as long as you do not shoot anyone. If you are a beginner, the way you hold a bow (assuming you are right-handed, if you are left-handed, do the opposite.) You hold the bow by the white pvc pipe with your right hand, and have the arrow on the left side of the bow resting on the ledge formed by the pvc pipe. Put the middle of the string into the slot in the back of the arrow and stand with your left shoulder facing the target, and turn your head/neck to face the target. Now pull the string as far back as you can, and aim at the target, and release. This will take some practice, but you will get the hang of it eventually. Happy shooting and have fun!