Introduction: How to Make a Pair of Pearl Ball Drop Earrings for Brides

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There are hundreds of pearl earrings designs on our website. Today's DIY earrings project is about a pair of easy pearl ball drop earrings for brides. As you can see from the picture, I only used white and yellow pearl beads to make the main body of the earrings with simple design. Below is the tutorial for you.

Step 1: Supplies in Making the Bridal Pearl Ball Drop Earrings:

10mm White Glass Pearl Beads

8mm White Glass Pearl Beads

4mm Yellow Glass Pearl Beads

0.38mm Tiger Wire

Earring Hook

Silver Headpin


Side Cutting Plier

Step 2: Bead a Basic Pattern

1st, snip off a short tiger wire (about 25cm) and slide 2 10mm white pearl beads and 2 8mm pearl beads alternatively;

2nd, cross one end through the 10mm white pearl bead as pictured;

3rd, slide a 8mm white pearl bead through each end, and then cross them through another 10mm white pearl bead and tighten;4th, repeat the above procedure to bead one more square pattern.

Step 3: Make the Beaded Ball

1st, slide a 8mm white pearl bead to each wire, and then cross the wires through the first 10mm white pearl bead in the starting point as shown in the picture and tighten up;

2nd, slide a 4mm yellow pearl bead through each end, and then thread the wire along to the 10mm pearl bead, and add a 4mm yellow pearl bead to each end, thread its way again;3rd, repeat the process and finish the ball like bellow (shown in the picture).

Step 4: Finish the Pearl Ball Dangle Earrings

1st, pick an iron headpin, thread 2 4mm yellow beads, a 8mm white pearl bead to the headpin, and then insert the headpin through the pearl ball;

2nd, add a 8mm white pearl bead, a 4mm yellow bead to the headpin and make a loop in the end;

3rd, attach earring hook and finish the pearl ball drop earrings.

Step 5:

I wear them immediately after I finish this pair of pearl ball drop earrings! They are beautiful, aren't they?

If you have friend that is a bride-to-be, then this pair of bridal pearl ball drop earrings is a great choice as a gift for friend! Save this tutorial and try to make one pair, since it is not difficult to make them, and you can finish them within half an hour by following my tutorial!