How to Make a Panda

Introduction: How to Make a Panda

How to make a panda using only 6 supplies! Super tasty treat for supper or snack!

Step 1: Getting Started

To make the base of your Panda it is made out of rice and black beans. You will need 3/4 a cup of rice and 1 cup and 1/2 of water.

Step 2: Boiling

Put your rice and water into a small pot. Put the stove on high until the water boils. Then reduce to low and let the rice simmer. Stirring every 5 mins but always watching the rice because it can burn or boil over very easily.

Step 3: Adding Tasty Touches

To make the rice taste better I added 3 turns of my salt shaker. Then add a little bit of butter about 1 tablespoon. Insure you mix that in well.

Step 4: Beans

I next opened a can of black bean. TIP- You don’t have to use black beans they just look most like a panda you can use brown or red. They also can be raw beans you would just have to boil them. It really just depends on your preference.

Step 5: Preparing the Beans

To prepare the beans pour the jar of beans into a strainer. Shake the strainer so all the bean juice comes out. Then thoroughly wash the beans to insure no juice is left.

Step 6: Preparing Work Surface

I put the beans and rice in separate bowls before beginning to work. I make my panda on a cutting board. Before beginning to make the panda insure the rice has cooled down.

Step 7: Pandas Body and Child

To make the pandas child’s body make a circle head and a triangle that twists around the the body to the child. Then add a small white rice triangle.

Step 8: Bears Head

To make the panda bears head make a large Oval that is bigger on the cheeks. Then to make the nose make a smaller oval on the top.

Step 9: Pandas Face

For the pandas eyes make a been paste using crushed up beans. Then make indents which you will fill in with your bean paste. I also stuck googly eyes on the inside of the bean paste. For the eyes make two small rainbows then filled them in with beans. For the mouth I used more crushed up bean paste and rolled it out into an upside down rainbow.

Step 10: Finishing Touches

For the finishing touches make the baby face the same way you make the panda face in step 9! Now you should be done and your edible master piece is complete! When you are ready to eat your masterpiece warm it up in the microwave for 5 minutes. TIP- Depending on the microwave you may need to cook it for longer or less time.

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