Introduction: How to Make a Paper Blowgun for Fun or Hunting

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Now in some states blowguns are downright illegal so check your state before proceeding to make this paper blowgun. In some states like California and Massachusetts and the District of Columbia, they are illegal so just a reminder if you already know. The images that I'm using are not mine if you see this thumbnail on a video or something.


You need paper or a tube of some sort that is good as a paper tube for the blowgun and the darts, a tooth pick or a nail for the tip of the darts, and for equipment you need scissors and tape (depends) and hot glue (depends)

Step 1: Roll Up a Tube or Get the Tube

If you are using paper then roll up a tube any size but don't make the tube too wide and if your getting a tube of some sort then make sure the tube you are using is not to big. The tube you made will be your blowgun.

Step 2: Make the Darts.

Now you use the paper and then you cut it into a rectangle and you get the nail or tooth pick (toothpick effective on paper blowguns nail effective with blowguns with stronger material) and twirl it around the tooth pick making a cone shape. You should use a stronger type of material to wrap around like a cone for the nail darts. The cone is called the shaft and the toothpick or nail is the dart tip. If your tip keeps falling use hot glue or tape. For weights, get some clay or hot glue and put it inside the dart's shaft.

Step 3: How to Shoot

To shoot simply load the dart into the tube and fire. If you want to be accurate or just don't want to lose breath, here are some tips.

1. Do quick but strong blows. This makes you less tired and still makes a fast and accurate shot. You need to get a good blow if you want to get a good range and accuracy.

2. Aim at the target. This may seem obvious but some people first trying to use a blowgun focus more on blowing instead of aiming. In addition to blowing good, you must aim well at the target.

3. Just make the blowgun bigger. The bigger the blowgun and better blowing and accuracy, the better the outcome when you shoot the target.

Step 4: Targets

You can make a target yourself or just follow these steps I used. Get a box and a piece of paper. Draw a circle or a circle inside a circle inside a circle. You don't have to be perfect. Just do it. Then you tape or glue the piece of paper on the cardboard box. A simple yet effective target. You can also use the picture template on the internet I found.

Step 5: Your Done!

You made your blowgun. Now have fun with it.