Introduction: How to Make a Paper Flower Out of a Book

DIY heaven is another great name for this project. A simple 4 step project with only 2 supplies needed, a book and some tape. This is a perfect project for any one of any skill level to create a quick decoration that will help spice up their home and give it some character.

Step 1: Purchase/ Find an Old Text Book and Scotch Tape

  1. To achieve an antique look for your flower, find an old text book or purchase one from an antique store or a Goodwill store.

*Find a book of at least 100 pages of text.

2. Purchase or find 2-3 rolls of scotch tape.

Step 2: Begin Tearing Out Pages of the Book

  1. Open the book to about the middle and begin tearing our pages at the seam.

*If you are not getting an even tear then you can use scissors to cut the pages at the seam.

2. Tear out 30-40 pages and put them in a pile.

Step 3: Assemble the Cones

  1. Lay the pages flat on a table with the writing running vertically.
  2. Pull the left bottom corner up and begin rolling it toward the top right corner.
  3. After a cone shape has been created, tape the bottom right corner (that should be at the small part of the cone) to the existing cone
  4. Continue assembling cones until you have at least 35 cones completed.

Step 4: Assemble the Flower

  1. After assembling all of the cones lay two cones side by side and tape the two sides together at the larger whole opening.
  2. Laying the two cones next to each other with the large opening at the top flip them upside down and tape across the back of the cones near the bottom (smaller end) in order to secure them to each other.
  3. Continue adding cones by following steps one and two but only attaching one cone at a time to the previous cones.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Flower

  • The cones should all be connected with the small ends toward the middle and the large ends toward the outside.
  • There will be a small 2-4 inch diameter open circle in the center that you are able to leave empty or create your own touch by entering a mirror or other object of your choice in that space
  • Most importantly enjoy the unique creation that YOU made!