Introduction: How to Make a Paper Fortune Teller

  • Have Fun!
  • Fun and creative activity to do with your friends, children or classmates.
  • Read and follow all of the instructions.
  • WARNING: If making this craft with young children, help them cut the paper with scissors in order to prevent them from getting hurt.

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project, you will only need:

  • a single sheet of printer paper
  • scissors
  • a pen

If you would like to make it more decorated, go ahead and grab some markers too!

Step 2: Using the Paper Length-wise, Take the Bottom Right Corner and Fold It to the Left Edge

When performing this step you want to make sure you fold the paper properly. If it is folded crooked then it won't produce a perfect square.

Step 3: Cut (or Tear) the Excess, So That When You Unfold the Paper It Is a Perfect Square.

Step 4: Open the Fold and Lay the Paper Down Flat

Step 5: Fold Each Corner to the Middle

Step 6: Flip It Over.

Step 7: Fold Each Corner Into the Middle Again, So That the Previous Folded Edges Show

Step 8: From That Face, Fold the Square in Half.

Step 9: Unfold

Step 10: Fold Again the Other Way

Step 11: Open the Fold Just Made and Place It With the Faces Pointed Upwards

Step 12: Color the Faces

This is where the markers come into place, color each face a different color of your preference.

Step 13: Number the Inside Folds 1-8

Step 14: Unfold Each Fold and Write a Fortune

Here you can come up with any type of fortune you want. It can either be good fortunes, bad fortunes or a combination of both.

Step 15: Play!

In order to play you start off by selecting a color and spelling out the name of the color you have chosen while moving the fortune teller inwards and outwards with each letter. Then choose one of the number displayed and continue to move the fortune teller inward and outwards counting upwards until you get to the number you chose. Finally, pick another number displayed and lift the fold to reveal your fortune.