Introduction: How to Make a Paper Hand Puppet Shark!!

Hellp have you every wanted to make puppets just for fun or you need them well I have a paper hand puppet shark that you can make. It really easy because you don't need to many things to make it. You also can add a sock to it so it makes a sock puppet.


  • 2 or more sheets of paper i used another type of paper that is thicker than office paper, cardstock paper.
  • pencil or marker
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • tape

Step 1: The Outlining

For the first step to this is to trace out the head of the sharks.

You want to make the width 3 inch and the height 3 inch. For the mouth curve i made the first part of the height 1.5 inch and then i used the rest to make the mouth. You can use the rest of the mouth to make any shape that you want, but i would advise that you don't make it skinny so you have enough space to tape it, and make each of the mouths the same shape. After you have drawn that you are going to want to cut your mouths out.

Step 2: The Jaws

For the next step you are going to have to tape on two the four mouths together to make a mouth that you can put your fingers or thumb in. then your gonna do that again for the top or the bottom jaw. After you have completed that you're going to tape the bottom and the top jaws together to make a little hand puppet

Step 3: The End

Now coming to an end the last things you can do are add detail to the shark or add the sock. For the details you could add eyes and teeth to make it look better because of all the tape. One thing you can do for the eyes is to make little cut circle and glue or tape them on then you can add black or blue dots to the eyes.

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