Introduction: How to Make a Paper IPad

What you'll need is one sheet of colored paper and one sheet of white paper, scissors, and a pen and pencil.

Step 1: Adding the White Paper to the Colored Paper

Cut about 1 inch off of the white paper. Place it in the center of the colored paper. Carefully apply tape to the right side of the white paper. Fold the tape over the colored paper and stick it on the bottom.

Step 2: Adding the Very Important Home Button and Camera

At the bottom of the colored paper, draw a circle and a square inside it. That's the very important home button.

Next, add a circle that is filled in and a rectangle that is filed in also.

Step 3: Adding a Bar at the Top.

Draw a line across the top of the white paper. Then draw a WiFi sign and a connection sign on the left. Then, write the time in the middle and the very needful battery sign. You don't want your iPad to die without you knowing!

Step 4: Make Your Apps!

Draw your favorite game and other needed things. You've got plenty of space, so fill your screen!

Step 5: Finishing Up.

Draw a line across the white paper at about 1 inch from the bottom edge of the paper. Draw up to 8 of your favorite/most needed apps! Oh. And also, add a background.

Step 6: Your Done!!!

have fun and enjoy your paper iPad!

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