Introduction: How to Make a Paper Mache Moon Wall Hanging

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I love Paper Mache, moons, stars, decorating, and crafting. I especially love oversized decor. Ever since second grade, I have been in love with paper mache, but thought it was some special product you had to buy. I finally got around to googling it and found that I had all the ingredients here at home! Right in my drawers and cupboards.

I attempted to make this huge wall hanging of a moon and will do my best to walk you through. I did learn a few things along the way by making mistakes, but these were easily fixed as you will see. Paper Mache is incredibly messy, but very forgiving.

Let's give it a go!


Large round circle
Paper Mache (equal parts flour and water plus salt for keeping mold away.)
Paper Towels
Paper strips (newspaper, magazines, etc.)
Masking tape
Plastic Grocery bags
Thin cardboard
Wall Texture Paint
Stone Texture paint
Gray Chalk Spray Paint
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Black chalkboard or flat paint
Off-White flat paint
Paint brush

Step 1: Find or Make Your Circle

The instructions said to cut a huge circle from cardboard. I didn't have cardboard that was big enough for what I had in mind, so I began to hunt for something I could use instead.

I ended up using the back of a huge wall clock I had that was no longer working.

Step 2: Taping

I then began to crumple up plastic bags and taping them to the circle with masking tape. Keep doing this until the whole circle is covered putting more bags in the center and giving a slight hill/dome shape to it.

Step 3: Begin to Paper Mache

Make a basic paper mache mix in a large bowl.

*Recipe I used:

2 cups flour

2 cups water

1/4 cup salt to prevent mold.

Stir with a whisk until all lumps are gone. Tear up strips of paper. Newspaper is recommended by most, but since I didn't have any on hand, I used old magazines and paper towels.

*Note There are several Recipes for paper mache online if you want to try something else. This recipe I use is easy and uses basic ingredients I always have on hand.

Step 4: Make Sure It Is Completely Dry

I let mine dry overnight and it was still wet in spots in the morning. I dug out a couple "space" heaters (No pun intended ;) )
I then propped up my moon with a step stool to let the heaters blow directly on the moon.

Step 5: Begin to Paint!

I was so excited when it finally dried! I carefully brought it and the butcher paper drop cloth outside to paint.

I started with wall texture. I sprayed it lightly all over.
After it dried, I sprayed it with stone texture brownish paint for more texture.
That finally dried and I decided it needed more texture, so I sprayed the texture paint on heavier. Yay! It looks more like a moon now! But.....

Step 6: I Forgot the Moon Craters!!

So, in all my excitement I forgot about the cardboard moon craters! Oh sweat!

I quickly cut different sizes of cardboard strips and made them into lumpy circles and glued the ends with hot glue. I put hot glue around one edge to help keep them in place. I did this to each one.

I placed them randomly to the left and middle in no particular order after looking at moon pictures.

You can place them to your liking. No two moons are exactly alike!

Step 7: Paper Mache Again

Put crumpled paper towel in each crater and put tape over the holes before paper mache is added.
I mixed up half of a batch of paper mache and placed the paper mache paper strips over the craters. I then let it dry too!

Step 8: Adding Paint Again

I again brought the moon outside on butcher paper.
Texture paint splatters first.
Let it dry.
Spray flat black paint or chalkboard paint in the craters and lightly around the craters making a shadow area. I studied more pictures of a moon photograph to get it how I wanted it. It is not perfect, but I am happy with it!

Spray all over with gray chalk paint making sure to spray very lightly over the black craters and shadow area so it will show up. It doesnt need to be perfect since the moon is not a solid color. It has darker areas and lighter areas.
I then brush paint it lightly all over with a creamy white chalk paint or white flat paint. This really shows the texturing.

The shadow area is lighter than I would like, so I add a bit more gray spray paint to that area.

Let it dry!

Step 9: Display Your Art Work!

Since this piece of wood circle I used has an edge around it, I did not need to add a hook or wire.

However if you need to add a hanger on the back, here is a great and simple tutorial on how to do this.

I simply put a small nail into the wall in my daughters room and hung it up. Added some stars. She is 2 and completely in awe of this huge moon and stars on her wall.

I took some pictures of my moon and stars display.

I then showed them off to, well, you all who are reading this instructable!

Thank you for reading to the end! I hope you make one too!

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