Introduction: How to Make a Paper Plane Called "The Spear"

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This is a cool design from Fold N Fly (they are awesome) that throws like a spear. It's great for distance, and is pretty easy to make. Click Here to see their instructions. My difficulty: Easy-Medium. Time: Short.

You will need:


Step 1: Type of Paper

This design will use typical A4 paper like most paper planes I see. You will only need 1 sheet for this.

Step 2: Creating Creases

Turn the paper vertically (the normal direction). Take the top right corner of the paper and fold it to the left towards you. Have the top right corner meet with the left edge of the paper and have the right edge of the paper meet up with the bottom right corner. Unfold and repeat with the left side, having the top left corner meet with the right edge and the left edge meeting with the bottom left corner. Be as precise as possible. Unfold again. Now you should have two creases that form an X near the top.

Step 3: Fold Along the Creases

Take the top right corner again and fold the entire right edge along the crease that meets with the bottom right corner. Then take the top left corner and fold the entire left edge along the crease that meets with the bottom left corner.

Step 4: Fold Along the Previous Folds

This step is just like the last step, except this time we will be folding along the folds from before. Take the new right edge and fold it along the fold on the right from before. Now take the new left edge and fold it along the fold on the left from before.

Step 5: Fold the Top Edge Down

Fold the top edge of the paper down to where the two layers cross.

Step 6: Fold in Half

Fold the entire paper in half away from you.

Step 7: Create the Wings

Folding the wings will be pretty typical, just take the slanted edge of one side of the paper and fold it down to the point where it perfectly lines up with the edge opposite it. Repeat with the other side. Once done folding, let go to let the wings expand.

Step 8: Finish!

And that's it! If you made it correctly and throw it correctly, it should fly straight and far like a spear. If you liked this design, check out Fold N Fly for more cool designs from them. If you successfully made this, hit the "I Made It!" button. Happy flying!