Introduction: How to Make a Paper Revolver

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Hello, we are making a paper revolver but be warned it doesn't shoot so if you want a gun that shoots then find another instructable. This is going to be the .357 model.


Paper and tape or hot glue.

Step 1: Fold Some Rectangles

fold two rectangles lengthwise and then fold one in half and fold both ends of the rectangle at 90 degrees. Put the other rectangle around the two ends and wrap it a little bit and cut the huge remaining paper rectangle and the remaining paper at the tip of the gun overlap the paper rectangle that you wrapped up and stuff the access back into the middle.

Step 2: The Barrel and Hammer

for the hammer roll up a tube and cut them so one barrel was bigger than the other and then insert at the place where you wrapped the paper rectangle around. Then you make a rectangle and stick it between the handle and the part where u folder for the barrel.

Step 3: Your Done!

Your done now have fun.