How to Make a Paper Revolver




Introduction: How to Make a Paper Revolver

About: Hey everyone! My names Andrew and I make things. I create paper guns, origami, short films, special effects, i love film. I hope to bring some cool stuff to this site!

Hello Everyone! These videos in this instruct able will show you how to make this pretty cool paper gun. It will take some time, but by the end it should be worth it. Watch this video here to see what we will be making!

Step 1: Watch Part One of the Video Here!

This video gets us started!

Step 2: Watch Part Two!

After part two we will have made a solid structure for the revolver!

Step 3: Final Video - Let's Add Some Detail

This final steps puts everything together to finish up the paper gun!

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    2 years ago

    Please post another one with pictures and instructions because you can't do it on a chromebook!!

    CSI worker
    CSI worker

    5 years ago

    Nice I like this. Welcome to instructables!!