How to Make a Parachute

Introduction: How to Make a Parachute

I used a plastic bag to make a plastic parachute.

Step 1: Step 1 : Cut the Plastic Bag Into a Square

First take a plastic and remove the edges of the plastic bag then cut it in half to make one square.

Step 2: Fold the Plastic Four Times Into a Triangle Then Cut the Plastic Into a Circle

Next use the square you have fold one edge of the plastic bag until it meets with the bottom, then remove the extra square from the plastic bag you are left with a triangle, from there you take the bottom of the triangle fold it until it meets the top of the triangle,and then make a second fold, you will get a even smaller triangle fold the bottom edge of the triangle until you have a long triangle on one side including a small triangle on the other end then cut the triangles from the marked line.

Step 3: Making the Holes on the Circle

Cut out a small hole but don't make the hole to big then open the plastic up and you should find a circle.

Step 4: Tie the String Through All the Holes

After that take some string and put the string through all the holes and tie a knot after each string is put through the 16 holes.

Step 5: The Plastic Parachute Is Finished

At last your parachute is done and you can tie a little character on to your parachute

Step 6: Video

The plastic parachute is released and flies in the sky.

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